Journal "Problems and Perspectives in Management", #3/2009

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Contents of issue

SECTION 1. Macroeconomic processes and regional economies management
Robert A. Weigand
The Incredible shrinking equity premium: investors' greatest cognitive error
Mona I. Dakrory, Hussein A. Abdou
Virtual Teams Processes: A conceptualization and application
Ramazan Kilic
The last decade of Turkısh economy: macroeconomıc equılıbrıum and problems
Sibel Çelik, Mustafa Mesut Kayali
Determinants of demand for life insurance in European countries
SECTION 2. Management in firms and organizations
Hideaki Sakawa, Naoki Watanabel, Uri Ben-Zion
Relation between board composition and firm performance in Japan
Shiguang Ma, Gary Tian
Board composition, board activity and ownership concentration, the impact on firm performance
Sofyan Rais, Robert V. Goedegebuure
Stakeholder orientation and financial performance: evidence from Indonesia
Zeleke Worku
Efficiency in management as a determinant of long-term survival in micro, small and medium enterprises in Ethiopia
SECTION 3. General issues in management
E. Isaac Mostovicz, Nada K. Kakabadse
Means-end laddering: a motivational perspective
Patricia Y. Talbert, John M. Nemecek
A community health social change program: the Harlem Mothers Stop Another Violent End (SAVE)
İnci Kuzgun
The parameters affecting labor management consultation process in Turkey: case of Turkey