Journal "Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations", #2/2010

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Contents of issue

Joel R. Barber, Mark L. Copper
The measurement and control of interest rate risk
Charles Sutcliffe
Back to the future: a long-term solution to the occupational pensions crisis
Cassandra R. Cole, Kathleen A. McCullough, Lawrence S. Powell
Collateralization of international reinsurance liabilities in the U.S. insurance industry
Snorre Lindset, Andreas L. Ulvaer, Bertel Anestad
Securitization of life insurance policies
Ping Hsiao, Ming Li
Implied volatility and future market return
Fabian Capitanio, Felice Adinolfi
Negative externalities of crop insurance subsidies: a case study in Italy
Lina S. Chan, Domingo Castelo Joaquin
Using simulation to support the reinsurance decision of a medical stop-loss provider
Mark Pingle
Using gambling to teach insurance principles
José Antonio Ordaz, María del Carmen Melgar
Covariate-based pricing of automobile insurance
Mehdi Sadeghi
The evolution of Islamic insurance - Takaful: a literature survey
Ade Ibiwoye, Timothy Adebowale Adesona
Actuarial perspectives on pension reform: a closer look at Nigeria's individual accounts system