Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #4/2010

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Contents of issue

Rafiqul Bhuyan, Sarina Ar-Loc Ng, Mo Vaziri
Do acquisitions create value? Evidence from the US and European bank acquisitions during financial crisis
Apostolos Kiohos, Nikolaos Sariannidis
Determinants of the asymmetric gold market
K.L. Wasantha Perera, Guneratne B. Wickremasinghe
Working Capital Management practices of manufacturing sector companies in Sri Lanka: survey evidence
Fayez A. Elayan, Thomas O. Meyer, Jingyu Li, Parunchana Pacharn
The economic consequences of accelerated vesting of employee stock options
Robert M. Hull
A capital structure model with growth
Bernard Bollen, Michael Dempsey
The small firm and other confounding effects in asset pricing data: some evidence from Australian markets
Rajesh R. Duggimpudi, Hussein A. Abdou, Mohamed Zaki
An evaluation of equity diversified mutual funds: the case of Indian market
Christophe Bouteiller, Catherine Karyotis
The evaluation of intangibles: introducing the optional capital
Ming Li
Improve the yen carry trade with economic fundamentals
Hayette Gatfaoui
Deviation from normality and Sharpe ratio behavior: a brief simulation study
Yihui Lan, Ze Min Hu, Jackie Johnson
Improving accuracy and precision of value-at-risk forecasts
Zheng-Wei Lin, Chia-Cheng Chen, Chin-Sheng Huang
Profits from technical analysis: an empirical evidence of precious metal markets