Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #2/2005

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Petr Polak
Appreciation of the Impact of the Development of Financial Markets on Financial Decisions made by Corporations in the Czech Republic
José Luis Martín Marín, Antonio Trujillo Ponce
Structural Models and Default Probability: Application to the Spanish Stock Market
Alejandro BALBÁS, María José Muñoz-Bouzo
Measuring Arbitrage Profits in Imperfect Markets
Eskandar A. Tooma
Still in Search for Answers: A Critical Survey On the Circuit Breaker Regulation
Sean Cleary, David Doucette, John Schmitz
Industry Affects Do Not Explain Momentum in Canadian Stock Returns
Neoh Vee Heng, Annuar Md. Nassir, Mohmad Ariff, Shamsher Mohamad
Predictive Power of Forward Rates: Evidence From Malaysian Government Securities (MGS) Market
Andrew J. Economopoulos
The Impact of S&P Depository Receipts' on the S&P Cash & Futures Market
Natalya Delcoure
The Influence of Firm Operating Characteristics on Incentive Compensation in the Executive Suite: Equity REITs vs. REOCs
Konstantinos Drakos, Christos Kallandranis
Firm-specific Attributes of Financing Constraints: The Case of Greek Listed Firms
Michael E. Drew, Madhu Veeraraghavan, Vanessa Wilson
Market Timing, Selectivity and Alpha Generation: Evidence from Australian Equity Superannuation Funds
Pablo Fernández
Most Common Errors in Company Valuation
Roger Lister
Cost of capital: the case for the prosecution
Farhad Daneshgar, Carol Royal, Loretta O'Donnell
Representation of Human Capital Knowledge in Investment Processes