Editorial independence

“Business Perspectives” issues the journals, founded by the universities and organizations, and where the company itself is a founder. At the same time the “Editorial policies” are equal and independent for all the journals without exception.

Journal’s management works closely with the publisher based on clear assignment of duties and responsibility following the defined “Publishing policies”.

We understand “еditorial independence” as full freedom of journals’ editors when making decisions on whether or not to publish, as well as make corrections in the papers or withdraw them, only based on their scientific value and without intervention of the founders and the publisher of this journal, the authors and their sponsors, any other institutions and persons. Also these institutions or persons cannot affect the timelines of papers’ publication.

Not any commercial interests can be of priority over the policy of creating high-quality reviewed journals and cannot be considered in the journal.

Pursuing the independent editorial policies by the editors and members of the Editorial boards cannot be a reason for their dismissal or replacement. The journals’ editors obtain the unconditional right to publish the editorial paper with the aim to promote their voice concerning the journal’s editorial policy as a whole and defining the opinion in every certain case to the academic circles. The publisher has no right to judge the editor’s wish to express their opinion on this matter in mass media and on the Internet. The founders and employees of the publishing company cannot comment the decisions of journals’ Editorial boards anywhere and under any conditions.

Under any conditions, not any founder of the company “Business Perspectives” and its employees cannot be the editors or reviewers in the journals it publishes. Now it is established that the “Business Perspectives” founders cannot submit their manuscripts for publication in the journals the company publishes.

All the decisions of the Editorial boards are made independently, without any external pressure or influence, and are fully independent from the publisher and any other persons. The journals operate in compliance with the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers.