About Us

Limited Liability Company “Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspectives” is a company, which:

  • is a publisher of international academic journals;
  • on a voluntary basis, holds the events, directed towards development and harmonization of Ukrainian academic journals towards the best world practices;
  • realizes the project on the assessment of Ukrainian academic journals with regard to their compliance with international publishing standards (Journal's International Compliance Index (JIC Index));
  • provides the consulting services concerning the establishment of the academic journal and its management.

LLC “Business Perspectives” was established by Serhiy Kozmenko, Olga Kozmenko, and Liudmyla Ostapenko in 2003 (Sumy, Ukraine). The Company is a privately-owned commercial organization, which is funded at the expense of article processing charge (APC) for open-access articles, publishing of books, payments for consulting and other services, advertising and other activities stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine and Company’s Statute.

We are full of ambitious plans. That is why the company constantly invests in WEB-platform development, innovative projects and, most importantly, human resource development. The company has supported and will support scientists from Ukraine and other countries with emerging economies, and developing countries. For them, we apply full or partial financing of processing the best articles at the expense of the company. This is about 15 percent of the published articles. We feel the impact of competition in the publishing market. This does not frighten, but inspires us. We believe in the future of Ukrainian science and are ready to work towards it. We finance the development and implementation of the Journal's International Compliance Index (JIC Index) to help young and promising Ukrainian journals in their quest for best publishing practices. We are also ready to cooperate with such journals as a publisher and invite them to our publishing platform.

We are very grateful to all scholars who believed and still believe in possibility to create and develop Ukrainian scholarly journals, which are open to the world society. The company will make every effort to meet your expectations. It is our hope that we will work together in future. We are open to business and academic proposals and cooperation.