Environmental Performance Index: relation between social and economic welfare of the countries

  • Received June 24, 2018;
    Accepted July 27, 2018;
    Published July 31, 2018
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    Volume 9 2018, Issue #3, pp. 1-11
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The paper deals with the analysis of methodology of Environmental Performance Index. The authors analyzed and systematized the main existing integrated indices, which were used for evaluation of environmental, social and economic situation in the countries. The authors allocated the environmental performance index as a basis for analyzing the environmental policy of the country. In this direction, the authors analysed the main features, structure and indicators of environmental performance index. The authors allocated the world-leader countries with huge level of CO2 emissions. According to the results, the authors aproved that these countries should improve their environmental policy. Accordingly, they occupied less position in environmental performance index. For the purpose to analyze the relation between ecological, social and economic welfare, the authors analyzed score of sustainable development goal index, social progress index and gross domestic product per capita. The comparison analysis of findings showed that countries with good position on environmental performance index have the strong position on sustainable development goal index and social progress index. The authors suggested that Ukraine should orient to the EU countries with purpose to improve the environmental policy.

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    • Fig. 1. The algorithm of calculation the Environmental Performance Index
    • Fig. 2. Comparison of the share of CO2 and GDP in the world by countries
    • Fig. 3. Comparative analysis of ecosystem vitality between Switzerland and Ukraine
    • Fig. 4. Comparison analysis of GDP per capita and EPI score by countries
    • Fig. 5. Comparison analysis of EPI, social progress index and SDG Index score by countries
    • Table 1. The main world economic, ecological and social indexes
    • Table 2. Environmental Performance Index: the main indicators of policy objective – environmental health
    • Table 3. Environmental Performance Index: the main indicators of policy objective – ecosystem vitality
    • Table 4. CO2 emissions and share of the world GDP by the country
    • Table 5. The dynamics of EPI
    • Table 6. Comparison analysis of EPI, SDG index and GDP per capita