Management innovation practices to public sector organizations

  • Received June 17, 2020;
    Accepted September 30, 2020;
    Published October 8, 2020
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    Volume 18 2020, Issue #3, pp. 392-401
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The journey of modern management ideas to the public sector in post-socialist countries is expected to be hampered by several barriers. This paper aims to justify the need to implement management innovation practices for public sector organizations. The study was conducted using the method of typological analysis to determine the organization of managerial innovations; modeling method to determine the conceptual model and the position of the travel of management ideas to the country. As a result, a conceptual model was proposed, including elements of the internal and external control environment. Conclusions are given on the barriers that affect the choice and acceptance of management ideas. The article extends current research understanding of man-agreement innovation in the public sector in the region by specifically addressing the success, or failure, of the travel of modern management ideas to it and outlines key barriers to modern management adoption ideas in the public sector.

The research was funded by the Lithuanian Council of Research grant S-MOD-17-15.

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    • Figure 1. Travel of management ideas to a country: a conceptual model
    • Conceptualization
      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi, Karim Nazyrov
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      Zilvinas Zidonis, Dmytro Bilinskyi, Karim Nazyrov
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      Dmytro Bilinskyi
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      Dmytro Bilinskyi