Practical aspects of assessing the efficiency of the modern system of public procurement in Ukraine


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The issue of reforming the institute of state (public) procurement is one of the key directions of the modernization of the administrative sector of our state. Increasing the efficiency of this institute should be recognized as one of the conditions for ensuring stable economic growth. In this regard, issues relating to the assessment of the efficiency of the use of public funds are of particular interest. The indicators of the efficiency of the activity of the public procurement sector in Ukraine in the context of the introduction of the “ProZorro” electronic procurement system are calculated and analyzed. The existing works of the individual scientists in the direction of developing indicators of the efficiency that can be used to evaluate the results of the operation of the procurement logistics system in the public sector in Ukraine are generalized. As a result, approaches have been identified that can be used to determine the effectiveness of the participation of customers, private sector representatives and the system of electronic public procurement in general. On the basis of retrospective data of past years and the first half of the current year, a number of estimates of absolute and relative savings, as well as indicators of the effectiveness of the open bidding in the public sector of Ukraine have been identified. The dynamics of these indicators before and after the introduction of the “ProZorro” electronic procurement system was analyzed. The analysis shows that the first results of the functioning of the “ProZorro” system demonstrate the existence of negative trend of competition and reduction in the amount of savings in public funds. Ensuring high efficiency and competitiveness, integrity and transparency of the procurement process are the main tasks of the Ukrainian government in the field of public procurement. The authors argue that the introduction of the “ProZorro” system can help to solve them successfully, and the application of the analytics module enables to calculate the savings from the use of this system.

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    • Figure 1. Procurement procedures announced in the period 2015–2016, ths.
    • Figure 2. Dynamics of the indicator of the efficiency of open bidding in Ukraine, %
    • Table 1. Implementation of public procurement under the open bidding procedure in Ukraine during the period 2012–2017