Simulative model for evaluation of investment processes in the regions of Ukraine

  • Received June 20, 2017;
    Accepted October 2, 2017;
    Published November 23, 2017
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    Volume 14 2017, Issue #3, pp. 322-329
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To analyze and evaluate the investment processes in the regions of Ukraine, it is suggested to use a simulative model that, unlike existing ones, allows to take into account the influence of macroeconomic factors and to predict the future development of the economic system of the regions taking into account their investment potential. The examination of the assessed simulative models of the investment processes in the regions of Ukraine for adequacy is carried out using the determination coefficient and Fisher’s criterion, by which the influence of the most significant economic variables of social and economic development of the regions on the investments formation is determined. Research of the investments impact on the dynamics of economic systems indicators of the regions has shown that 86% of the constructed models are adequate. The presence of statistically significant estimates of model parameters confirms the effectiveness of the proposed approach for conducting research on the analysis and forecasting of the patterns of significant indicators formation of investment activity at the regional level, as well as their impact on indicators of social and economic development.

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