State medical provision and health financing in Ukraine as compared to the experience of western European countries

  • Received February 27, 2019;
    Accepted April 2, 2019;
    Published May 3, 2019
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    Volume 7 2018, issue #4, pp. 41-57
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In Ukraine, there is a steady increase in the mortality rate of the population, which is due to the low quality of medical provision. The main advantages and the efficiency factor of the health care system in the Western European countries are analyzed; the key factors regulating medical provision in Ukraine are systematized; the effectiveness of modern health care reform in Ukraine is evaluated; practical recommendations to improve the administrative and legal regulation of the system are developed. The analysis showed that the effectiveness of health care reform in Ukraine is currently about 30%, and the high mortality rate of the population in Ukraine is primarily due to the low quality of medical care and inadequate investment in the industry. The main health problems in Ukraine are failure to comply with legislation on the amount of funding and remuneration in the public health system, high levels of corruption and lack of control over the competence of doctors, inaccessibility of medical products for consumers due to the pharmaceutical market monopolization.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamics of health financing in the Western European countries (% of GDP)
    • Table 1. Comparison of health systems quality and efficiency
    • Table 2. Expert assessment of health care reform in Ukraine to ensure quality medical care for the population