P2P lending as an alternative to bank lending in Ukraine

  • Published December 9, 2016
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    Volume 11 2016, Issue #4, pp. 20-30
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The goal of the article is to consider peer-to-peer lending and its interaction with bank lending that creates an aggregate hybrid lending. The article’s objective is the research of development of P2P lending on the financial market and beyond, which is particularly relevant today. This goal is achieved by using the methods of evaluation and comparative analysis of different principles, which makes it possible to structure the general scientific understanding of P2P lending with the help of statistical methods. The study of the dynamics and structure of peer-to-peer lending in various countries for the period 2005-2016 led to the conclusion that in Ukraine, there is a decline in the share of bank lending in favor of peer-to-peer lending in the total amount of loans with an increasing role of non-bank and hybrid forms of len-ding in ensuring economic growth.

Keywords: peer-to-peer lending, banking institutions, credit portfolios of banks, investments, financial intermediaries, financial intermediation.
JEL Classification: A1, G21, G24

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