The impact of monetary policy transparency on inflation: the case of Ukraine

  • Published December 9, 2016
  • Author(s)
    Serhiy Kozmenko
    ORCID , Taras Savchenko , Alona Zakutniaia
  • DOI
  • Article Info
    Volume 11 2016, Issue #4, pp. 82-89
  • Cited by
    4 articles

This study presents empirical evidence on the impact of monetary policy transparency on inflation. A lot of studies analyzed how monetary policy transparency is entangled with inflation level from a theoretical point of view and came to contradictory results (some studies argued that transparency leads to lower inflation, others concluded that transparency results in higher prices). But this study is different from prior studies. Firstly, it looks at investigated issue empirically. Secondly, it considers for other causes of inflation and employs a panel data set on central bank transparency. Thirdly this paper investigates the issue associated with transparency in Ukraine. The authors find that transparency significantly reduces inflation rates in developed countries, but it is positively associated with inflation in Ukraine.

Keywords: central bank, monetary policy transparency, information disclosure, inflation.
JEL Classification: E52, E58, E59

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