Contemporary challenges and risks of retail banking development in Ukraine

  • Received January 2, 2018;
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    Published March 16, 2018
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    Volume 13 2018, Issue #1, pp. 88-97
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Retail banking is an essential part of the financial services, accounting for a large part of all banking revenues and capital raising. This business line is designing the vital sphere to apply the adequate decision making approach for customer engagement, sustain profitability and increase competitive advantages. The modern trends in retail banking globally are based on digital innovations, bionic transformation and new regulatory issues. Ukrainian banks have also taken the first step to apply on-line platforms and cashless methods in banking. However, problems occur in the implementation of current global trends in the domestic retail market, which need to be solved.
The authors have identified the key objectives of market changes in retail banking operational processes, which have significant impact on the banking ecosystem creation of retail banking in Ukraine. The review part of the article studied the modern challenges and advantages of retail banking development in Ukraine with comparative analyses of current global and regional issues, based on digital technologies and innovations in financial industry. The results of the analyses investigate the state of retail banking, and prospects of revenue growth, explain the key performance indicators of retail banking services, present insights of the key drivers of the Ukrainian’s banking efficiency gap. Based on operational risks and productivity analyses, the authors estimated the negative issues in Ukrainian retail banking. The results enable existing banks to determine the financial and operational risks, and increase the effectiveness of applying digital innovations in domestic retail banking sector. The recommendations for the enforcement of the market and regulatory changes of retail banking landscape in the case of Ukraine are suggested.

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    • Figure 1. Active retail clients per branches during 2015–2016 financial years, %
    • Figure 2. Indicator of active retail clients of Internet and mobile banking services, % in June 2015
    • Table 1. Advantages of the digital innovation implementation in retail banking