Prospects for use of coaching in Ukrainian banks


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Each bank manager should understand that the use of modern personnel management technologies is essential to motivate employees to work efficiently. Coaching is one of the ways to influence employees, it focuses on the formation of employee behavior in such a way as to maximize the independence and effectiveness of the decisions taken. To date, this kind of personnel management is becoming more relevant and significant. The purpose of the study is to determine the methods of coaching and its algorithm in personnel management, the possibility of borrowing the foreign companies experience, as well as its effective use as an innovative approach to personnel management. Scientific findings of leading scholars in personnel management, especially coaching, make the theoretical basis of the research. The research uses the methods of analysis, synthesis and comparison. The article describes the category of “coaching”, defines its main characteristics, functions and tasks, examines the use of coaching in the Coaching Policy on the Central Bank of Ireland, analyzes the current implementation of coaching in Ukrainian banks and rationalizes the relevance and prospects for using coaching by Ukrainian banks.

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    • Figure 1. The GROW model
    • Figure 2. The scheme of implementing coaching as a tool for an enterprise development
    • Figure 3. The skill-will matrix
    • Table 1. Determining the need for coaching
    • Table 2. Main levels of coaching according to the Coaching policy of Central Bank of Ireland