The effectiveness of exchange rate channel in Azerbaijan: an empirical analysis

  • Received January 19, 2019;
    Accepted February 13, 2019;
    Published February 26, 2019
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    Volume 14 2019, Issue #1, pp. 111-121
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The main purpose of this study is to make an analysis to understand whether the exchange rate channel is effective in Azerbaijan. In this framework, quarterly data between 2001:01 and 2017:02 is examined in this study. Furthermore, VAR method is taken into the consideration in the analysis process. The findings show that exchange rate channel is very important for Azerbaijani economy. In other words, the exchange rate channel is working on the total output and price axis. Hence, it is recommended that necessary actions should be taken by a central bank regarding the effective usage of exchange rate channel to contribute to industrial production and employment.

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    • Figure 1. Inverse roots
    • Figure 2. The results of impulse-response functions
    • Table 1. Selected studies for exchange rate channel
    • Table 2. Unit root test results
    • Table 3. Lag interval tests
    • Table 4. LM test results
    • Table 5. White test results
    • Table 6. Johansen cointegration test results
    • Table 7. Granger causality test results