Risk-oriented integral assessment of the Ukrainian banks effectiveness


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Ensuring efficiency improvement of banks is a priority task for Ukrainian banking system at the stage of creating the developed financial sector of economy. The study of a bank performance, which takes into account a risk factor of banking business, is particularly relevant due to the need to ensure competitiveness and stability of both individual banks and the banking system as a whole.
The aim of this article is to develop a methodology for integral evaluation of the Ukrainian banks according to the efficiency and risk criteria. Ratio analysis, mathematical methods, comparison and grouping, synthesis, table, matrix and graphic methods make the methodological basis of the research. The object of the analysis is the activities of Ukrainian banks.
The study was conducted to elaborate a method for risk-oriented integral estimation of efficiency of the banks functioning. One can state that high efficiency and low risk of a bank’s work do not depend on the volume of assets, equity and profit for Ukrainian banks.
The analysis made it possible to evaluate the strategies for the development of Ukrainian banks. The vast majority of Ukrainian banks have chosen a moderate strategy in the context of balancing the efficiency and riskiness of their activities.
According to the results of factor analysis using Raiffeisen Bank Aval as an example, the main factors of gross profit growth were determined as increase in bank profitability and expansion of its active operations volume relative to its own capital.

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    • Figure 1. The matrix of a bank’s development strategy
    • Figure 2. Banking system of Ukraine in the “Efficiency-Risk” parameters
    • Table 1. Indicators of effectiveness in the bank activities assessment
    • Table 2. Indicators of risk in the bank activities assessment
    • Table 3. Generalized efficiency of banks
    • Тable 4. Generalized risk assessment and integral assessment of the banks’ activities
    • Тable 5. Indicators of banks activity
    • Table 6. Factor profit analysis of Raiffeisen Bank Aval
    • Table 7. Factor analysis of reserves for active operations of Raiffeisen Bank Aval
    • Table A1. Calculated indicators of Ukrainian banks. Se group
    • Table A2. Calculated indicators of Ukrainian banks. Sr group