Peculiarities of cybercrime investigation in the banking sector of Ukraine: review and analysis


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The rapid growth in the number of cybercrimes committed in the banking sector requires the creation of an effective system for preventing such crimes and ensuring the cybersecurity of the state. The constant updating of means and methods for cybercrime commission necessitates the identification of effective measures to combat them. The paper uses a survey method to study the theoretical experience and practical measures to prevent cybercrime in the banking sector to identify effective ways to combat crime in the virtual space of Ukraine. The paper analyzes the experience of the world’s leading countries concerning cybercrime prevention, deals with measures to improve the level of cybersecurity of national and international cyberspace. It is concluded that the current state of cybersecurity in Ukraine does not meet contemporary requirements and needs initiating effective measures and coordinated cooperation between private and public sectors in order to effectively combat cybercrime, in particular: enshrining the classification of cybercrimes in the regulatory legal acts of Ukraine; introduction of the concept of “banking criminal law” in the scientific and legal sphere; creation of Ukrainian cyber forces, whose activities will be aimed at preventing and combating crimes committed in cyberspace.

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    • Figure 1. Top 5 types of fraud in the world according to the results of the PwC survey in 2020
    • Figure 2. Approaches to increasing the level of cybersecurity in Ukraine
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