Why non-Muslims choose Islamic banking. Extended theory of planned behavior: a moderating factor of Islamic bank knowledge


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This study aims to explore the intention of non-Muslims to become Islamic bank customers using an extended theory of planned behavior with Islamic Bank knowledge as a moderating variable. The partial least square structural equation modelling technique was employed for data and hypothesis testing. Using a probability sampling method, this analysis involved 200 non-Muslim Christians as the majority of respondents, representing the majority of non-Muslims in Indonesia. The results of this study show that attitude (ß = 5.390, p = 0.000), subjective norm (ß = 5.488, p = 0.000), and perceived behavioral control (ß = 2.104, p = 0.036) have a positive relationship with intention. Surprisingly, the relationship between Islamic Bank knowledge and intention is indirect, which is mediated through attitude. In addition, the Islamic Bank knowledge amplifies the relation between perceived behavioral control and intention. This study confirmed that Islamic Bank knowledge plays an important role in increasing intention. Thus, Islamic banks should consider educating more non-Muslims about what an Islamic bank is.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Table 1. Loading factor and average variance extracted
    • Table 2. Discriminant validity with Fornell-Larcker criterion
    • Table 3. Composite reliability and Cronbach’s alpha
    • Table 4. R-square value
    • Table 5. Path coefficients
    • Table 6. Mediation analysis
    • Table 7. Moderation analysis
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