Methods of ensuring flexibility of the budget process at holding enterprises of energy industry


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Achieving business success for a company is directly related to financial planning, budgeting and analysis of results. Any system is viable if it includes feedback elements that provide an analysis of what the system has done and current adjustments to the system’s behavior as signals about its state. The article deals with the features of the budget process at energy enterprises as part of vertically oriented holding structures. The system formed by such enterprises is very complex, so it is necessary to take additional measures to maintain the efficiency of the budget process in such conditions. Therefore, an important issue is the organization of effective control in the budget execution system to make operational management decisions, which turns it into an effective tool for managing the enterprise. The essence and importance of budget control of energy companies are revealed. The paper deals with the organization of budget planning at an enterprise of the energy industry. Models for budget development and budget execution processes were built and budget limits were adjusted for enterprises using the IDEF0 methodology. The methods of control over the budget execution of energy industry enterprises are considered. The essence and types of the process of adjusting the budget of enterprises are revealed.

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    • Figure 1. Схема процесу контролю за виконанням бюджету
    • Figure 2. Інформаційна модель процесу розробки та виконання бюджету
    • Figure 3. Інформаційна модель процесу корегування лімітів бюджету підприємств енергетичної галузі
    • Figure 4. Зміни щодо розподілу повноважень з процесу корегування лімітів бюджету підприємств енергетичної галузі