Effective implementation of Environmental Management Plan for sustainable mining

  • Published April 7, 2017
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    Volume 8 2017, Issue #1, pp. 26-35
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This article examines the need of the environment protection in the process of mining operations. It highlights the importance of sustainable mining in order to ensure that mining is conducted sensibly and responsibly. It rigorously examines the utilization of a comprehensive and holistic Environmental Management Plan (EMP) which is one of the environmental tools that has the potential to produce environmental sustainability in mining areas and communities. It accentuates that the EMP should contain detailed activities that will be carried out throughout the mining and post mining operations. It also discusses how the interest of the people and the environment can be protected and preserved. It enlightens on the importance of compliance and implementation of the EMP for sustainable mining. It proves that non-compliance will marginalise the poor vulnerable communities and degrade the environment within the area where mines are based. It details the regulatory interventions that have been put in place to support the EMP and accentuates the need for accountability and sanctions for non-compliance with the environmental legislation. It submits that mining companies must be compelled to comply and implement the EMP as part of precautionary measures to avoid environmental and land degradation. The EMP is a tool that should be used to promote environmental sustainability in mining operations.

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