Analysis of economic transformation intervention in South Africa - the CA charter

  • Published October 21, 2016
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    Volume 7 2016, Issue #3, pp. 17-24
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The purpose of this paper is to conduct an analysis of the chartered accountancy profession sector charter with other sector charters. This is to ascertain if the chartered accountancy profession charter is a workable strategy to address economic transformation within the accountancy profession in South Africa. Desktop research method was used for this paper. Content analysis was used to analyze the chartered accountancy profession’s charters with the aim to ascertain if it is a workable strategy when compared with other sector charters to address the limitation of growth of black people in the chartered accountancy profession.
The analysis of the selected sector charters shows that the chartered accountancy sector is committed to economic empowerment in South Africa. This sector has, however, set aggressive targets on employment equity and skills development when compared with the financial and construction sectors. This analysis and comparison is useful in guiding the stakeholders within the accountancy profession in their vision to accelerate the transformation process within the profession. Furthermore, it is hoped that this paper will stimulate substantive discussions around economic transformation strategy designed by government and business to redress economic inequality in South Africa.

Keywords: broad-based black economic empowerment, charters, chartered accountancy, sectors, South Africa.
JEL Classification: J24, J71

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