Predictors of efficiency in municipal waste management in Tshwane municipalities, South Africa

  • Published October 21, 2016
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    Volume 7 2016, Issue #3, pp. 45-51
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A survey was conducted in local municipalities in the Tshwane region of Gauteng Province in South Africa in order to assess and evaluate the efficiency with which municipal waste is collected, disposed of, processed and recycled by local municipalities in Tshwane based on data gathered from 1,035 businesses. Efficiency in waste management was assessed by using a structural time-based model designed for evaluating efficiency as a function of the length of time required to manage and process municipal waste. Adherence to municipal bylaws and procedures recommended for solid waste management by businesses by the City of Tshwane was graded based on ISO 14000 and ISO 14031 standards and guidelines. The study found that efficiency in waste management was adversely influenced by lack of adherence to municipal bylaws and regulations, wrong perception on the benefits of proper waste management, and failure to provide customers with waste disposal bins, in a decreasing order of importance.

Keywords: Tshwane municipalities, waste management, efficiency, logit analysis.
JEL Classification: Q53, C25

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