Foremost causes of high academic turnover rate at some South African universities


The paper focuses on experiences of resigning academics in higher education institutions (HEIs) of South Africa. The concern was the huge monetary cost involved, and student delays due to these resignations. The networks of the researchers benefitted this study by being alerted to resignations of academics in HEIs and arranging some of the interviews that were held. In some cases, exit interviews were also used. The study shows that these HEIs are negligent by failing to develop the appropriate policies for the new dispensation, and the bad practices of appointing managers. In addition, the improperly appointed managers lack skill and knowledge in management. As a result they discriminate, victimize and make job unbearable for some employees. Some of these employees who end up rising. Moreover, the decisions taken by the improperly appointed managers are also not monitored. Hence,the poor decisions made are not being over-ruled. The recommendations are that policies should be designed to align with the laws stated, and suitably experienced and qualified officials be appointed to enforce the policies. Also, interventions are needed regarding the powers given to improperly appointed managers

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