Developing the system of instruments for business sector in order to transfer the environmental innovations effectively: case of Ukraine

  • Received December 7, 2019;
    Accepted January 8, 2020;
    Published January 20, 2020
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    Volume 10 2019, Issue #1, pp. 113-121
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The article analyzes the need to transfer the environmental innovations effectively in the system “enterprise-region-state” and to establish the relevant innovative changes promotion channels for the country’s sustainable development. The authors study this problem in the context of priority directions of UNO Sustainable Development Strategy and Sustainable Development Strategy “Ukraine – 2020”. Its solution is a key factor of influence on Ukraine’s economic growth and security. The study is based on methods for defining the influence of national economy innovative activity on the choice of relevant ecological modernization state regulation channels for sustainable development. FCM analysis was used for the study. Six groups of instruments were defined and characterized depending on the influence on sustainable development subjects. The system of instruments was formed, and the approach towards making the managerial decisions in order to ensure Ukraine’s national economy sustainable development was proposed. Practical value of the obtained results is that the established relevant channels can ensure the fastest reaction of business environment to state regulatory impact, which is the main constituent of state administration and sustainable development processes regulation system.

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    • Figure 1. FCM analysis results for defining Inner-Ch-Ef channels for stimulating the ecological modernization changes in the national economy