Mapping the evolution of green finance through bibliometric analysis

  • Received October 30, 2023;
    Accepted November 28, 2023;
    Published January 3, 2024
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    Volume 15 2024, Issue #1, pp. 1-15
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This bibliometric study seeks to analyze the intellectual structure and development of green finance research over a nearly 30-year period. Using Scopus data, a comprehensive analysis of 1,487 English-language publications on green finance was conducted. The scope of the analysis spans the years from 1997 to 2024. The analysis investigates numerous facets of green finance scholarship, such as publication and citation trends, influential works, authorship networks, geographic concentrations, conceptual links, and developmental phases. Since 2015, the number of publications and citations has increased significantly, indicating a significant rise in academic and industry interest. China is the leader in terms of research output and influence, demonstrating its dominance in the field. However, it is essential to note that other Asia-Pacific countries, such as Japan and Malaysia, have also made significant contributions to the field. Public policies, government initiatives, and the participation of the private sector are crucial to accelerating green investments and promoting sustainability, as evidenced by numerous citations to scholarly works on the subject. The study investigates a number of prospective future research avenues, including green bonds, green credit policies, green investment, green financial regulation, and green financial technology applications. Despite its heavy reliance on English-language Scopus sources, this quantitative longitudinal mapping provides valuable insights into the emergence and evolution of green finance as a significant multidisciplinary research field.

It is essential to express gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this study, particularly those at the Ho Chi Minh University of Banking, Vietnam.

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    • Figure 1. Network of co-occurrence of keywords in publications on green finance
    • Table 1. Type of publication for the 1,487 green finance research publications
    • Table 2. Publications and citations of research on green finance
    • Table 3. The 20 most-cited papers in the field of green finance research
    • Table 4. Top 20 journals for research on green finance based on total citations
    • Table 5. The top 20 researchers in the field of green finance
    • Table 6. The top 20 countries in terms of citations for research output in green finance
    • Table 7. The top 20 affiliations in terms of significant contributions
    • Table 8. The top 20 keywords for researching green finance
    • Table 9. Five potential future research paths for green finance
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