Cognitive modeling of reinsurance flows on the global reinsurance market


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The article studies one of the areas of the world globalization processes – formation, interaction and regulation of financial flows of world reinsurers. Mathematical formalization of the relationships of countries’ reinsurance flows is proposed to be built on the basis of cognitive maps and correlation analysis. Identification of relevant areas of global reinsurers’ development is conducted on the basis of indicators of consonances of mutual influence, interaction and centralization.

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    • Fig. 1. The scheme of relationships of reinsurance operations of insurance (reinsurance) companies around the world
    • Table 1. Coefficients of pair correlation between reinsurance flows of countries
    • Table 2. Matrix of the mechanism of regulation of reinsurance between countries
    • Table 3. Matrix of quantitativeassessment of interaction between the concepts of the mechanism for reinsurance regulation according to areas (countries)
    • Table 4. Results of analysis of the processes regulating the mechanism of reinsurance according to areas (countries)