Ukraine-EU: economic integration strategy

  • Received December 6, 2019;
    Accepted January 9, 2020;
    Published January 14, 2020
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    Volume 3 2019–2020, Issue #1, pp. 12-23
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The practical aspects of Ukraine`s economic integration into the EU are still relevant, but are presented with insufficient formalization. The article aims to define the prospects of the Ukrainian integration strategy in the contemporary global space, in particular its Eurointegration strategy. The state and the prospects of the Ukraine’s economic integration into the EU were analyzed and the process of the Ukrainian foreign policy evolution in the European direction was studied. The possible potential membership of Ukraine in the EU was analyzed on the basis of characteristics of current state of the relationships between Ukraine and the member-states. The multi-vector integration course into the EU was stipulated with the aim to renovate the Ukrainian economy effectively; positive and negative aspects of Ukraine’s entrance into the integration association were analyzed. The article offers the measures for practical implementation of Ukraine’s integration intensions on the basis of the analysis of a variety of Ukrainian legislation documents in the field of foreign and domestic policy.

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    • Figure 1. GDP growth rates in Ukraine and the EU countries, 2010–2018
    • Table 1. Main macroeconomic indicators of the EU countries and Ukraine