Improving a graduate Marketing Management course: a case study with input from students


The authors develop a conceptual model of a student’s course satisfaction based on several factors that influence course learning outcomes and student’s satisfaction. This model provides a general framework to guide course design and to influence students’ course outcomes. A Marketing Management course is a part of a typical MBA program. This paper presents ideas for enhancing the design and teaching of such a course in an online setting based on teaching experience at MBA programs at several universities in the USA. Suggestions are also presented for improving team productivity and the quality of team output in an online setting. As a case study, the authors discuss a graduate Marketing Management course that was taught at a private US university in spring 2016. They discuss the design, teaching and strategies for enhancing student learning outcomes in this course. Suggestions by students to improve this course are also presented.

Keywords: marketing, student’s satisfaction, higher education, universities.
JEL Classification: M3, M1, I23

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