Experiential dimensions of TV advertizing: modeling narrative and non-narrative perceptions


This paper aims at extending advertizing response theory by presenting a three-dimensional model of advertizing perceptions (conceptualized as experiences) by incorporating concepts from cognitive film psychology and narrative transportation theory. The conceptual model is operationalized, tested and evaluated on empirical data from an e-survey measuring the experiential dimensions and ad liking of ten selected TV ads. The findings showed reliability and validity of the proposed measurement scales. The study supported the hypothesized positive influence of all three dimensions on ad liking, but to variable degree. The results showed that the suggested application of the framework is capable of measuring advertizing experiences based on their degree of didactic, narrative and lyrical potential. Findings also suggested that the lyrical dimension supports the narrative experience, adding a new ‘lyrical’ perspective to the conceptual understanding of narrative transportation in advertizing.

Keywords: television advertizing, creative strategy, narrative transportation, advertizing effectiveness, lyrical advertizing, advertizing perceptions.
JEL Classification: M31, M37

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