Questing in city promotion on the example of the city of Częstochowa


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Gamification, storytelling and questing are the latest discoveries of marketing that are used for customers’ attraction. The implementation of new methods for promoting the city of Częstochowa is a vital aspect in tourism development. The objective of the paper is to present the assumptions underlying questing and to indicate the opportunities it provides in the case of city promotion. The paper is supplemented with the examples of using this form of promotion in Poland. In the study, the methods of observation and questioning are used. 108 respondents were interviewed. The results show that most people have not come across the concept of questing (68.2%) and only 17.9 % have ever taken part in quest. Despite that, the majority perceive the questing positively. It has been proved that, in the case of Częstochowa, the city dominated by the Monastery of Jasna Góra, questing can be the way to present many other interesting historic, cultural and natural sites. The results of the paper can be used in further research and analysis.

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    • Fig. 1. The poster promoting the questing routes of Częstochowa in the shop window of Częstochowska Organizacja Turystyczna (Tourist Organization of Częstochowa)
    • Fig. 2. “Profesor bez katedry” questing card
    • Fig. 3. Tourist bus service – July-August 2017
    • Fig. 4. What do you associate the participation in a quest with?
    • Fig. 5. In your opinion, what impact on tourism in Częstochowa may questing have?