The marketing strategy for making optimal managerial decisions by means of smart analytics


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The article presents a methodology for developing the marketing strategy for the adoption of optimal managerial solutions by means of smart analytics. Such issues as marketing strategy modeling methods; software products based on the integration of smart analytics; optimal choosing electro mobile and others have been considered. The main subject of the article is constructing an optimal decision-making model using a combination of classical statistical and mathematical methods and models, as well as modern information technologies including methods of smart analytics. The conceptual scheme of the effective marketing management has been created according to the structural components: information, statistical, mathematical, analytical and technological etc. The structure and main features of every component have been considered in detail. The created conceptual scheme of the effective management was demonstrated through the simple example of optimal choosing electro mobile. To investigate sales on electro mobiles Ukrainian market a set of factors has been considered. According to them the correlation and cluster analyses have been conducted. The main factors, which are the most influent for the price of electro mobile on Ukrainian market have been revealed. All considered models of electro cars have been divided onto three groups depending on the characteristics price–quality.

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    • Figure 1. The conceptual scheme of the effective marketing strategy
    • Figure 2. The main issues for the informational component
    • Figure 3. Informational channels structure at the conceptual scheme of the effective management
    • Figure 4. Cluster analysis results
    • Figure 5. Diagram of dependence of profitability of cars
    • Figure 6. Diagram of correlation between comfort and profitability of vehicles
    • Figure 7. Number of electric cars
    • Table 1. Statistics of input data of technical parameters and comparative characteristics of key parameters of electric vehicles
    • Table 2. Correlation matrix of the given factors