E-marketing strategy: to improve customer preference for local brand over foreign brand in the era of a developing country


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This research will determine the factors that influence customer preference for local brands over foreign brands in the era of a developing country. This is a quantitative research design. Questionnaires have been used to collect the data on product standards, social media engagement, local positive testimonials, brand application and brand trust. The sample size was 80 – randomly selected. Organizations should improve quality, design, compatibility, consistency, attitude and online appearance on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Celebrity testimonials have more influence on consumers than a non-celebrity testimonial. The research is original in that it was conducted from scratch. Moreover, the researchers sought help from previous research in the field to define technical terms, of which have been cited accordingly.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Figure 2. Scree plot
    • Figure 3. Research model and hypotheses testing steps
    • Table 1. Respondents’ profile
    • Table 2. Measurements
    • Table 3. Descriptive statistics
    • Table 4. Cronbach’s alpha
    • Table. 5 Inter-item correlation matrix
    • Table 6. Total variance explained
    • Table 7. Cronbach’s goodness of fit test
    • Table 8. Test of equality of means
    • Table 9. One sample test
    • Table 10. Correlations
    • Table 11. Coefficients