Marketing tools as the competitiveness enhancer of the Ukrainian film distribution market entities

  • Received November 11, 2019;
    Accepted December 10, 2019;
    Published December 18, 2019
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    Volume 15 2019, Issue #4, pp. 88-101
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The main goal of the article is to study the features of film marketing and distribution of film products in Ukraine and to determine what kind of marketing tools are appropriate to be used within a cinema network to ensure their competitiveness in the national film distribution market.
This article determines the characteristics of the movie market services and their compliance with modern consumer requirements, outlining the directions for increasing the usefulness of cinema-related services to consumers and developing a set of marketing tools to ensure the competitiveness of the cinema market.
The results of the assessment of the impact of competitive forces revealed that intra-industry competition has the strongest impact on private cinema networks, the consumers of film distribution services and potential competitors have the moderate influence, the suppliers and substitute services have a low level of influence.
According to the results of the survey, it can be concluded that cinemas are worth reducing the cost of tickets (this can be done by introducing the promotions and discounts for regular customers), since the solvency of a larger population does not correspond to the level of ticket prices. Also expanding the range of products will allow the consumers to spend more time in the cinema, which will lead to an increase in the value of the average check. Cinemas are quite realistic to open their own pizzerias or bars to add value to their customers.

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    • Figure 1. Structure of film production and distribution in Ukraine
    • Figure 2. Distribution of film distribution market shares among film distributors in Ukraine, %
    • Figure 3. Distribution of cinema chains segments operating in the Ukrainian film market, %
    • Figure 4. Questionnaire for movie watchers
    • Table 1. Competitive analysis of cinema chains by Porter’s Five Forces Framework method