Brand loyalty towards online accommodation booking platforms


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This study investigates the brand loyalty of consumers in the online booking platform industry. The Mabalingwe Nature Reserve served as a case study, while the Moolla and Bisschoff brand loyalty model was used to measure brand loyalty across twelve antecedents. This study aimed to, firstly, validate the model for use in online booking platforms, secondly, to measure the reliability of the data, and finally, to measure brand loyalty across twelve antecedents in online booking platforms. Online questionnaires were distributed via an online link by the booking managers of the game reserve, and 131 responses were captured; this represented a statistically adequate sample as per the KMO measure (.741). The descriptive statistics, using a 5-point Likert scale, showed that Brand trust (4.03) and Customer satisfaction (3.96) are the most important brand loyalty antecedents, while Culture (2.34) is the least important brand loyalty antecedent in an online booking platform. Exploratory factor analysis validated the questionnaire for online booking platforms, while Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (.701) indicated that the reliability of the data is acceptable. Regarding latent variable identification, Brand quality and Brand relationship are two most important factors, respectively, explaining variance of 13.1% and 8.7%. The study culminated in a model to measure and manage brand loyalty of online booking platforms. This model can be operationalized for use by managers, researchers, and academia.

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    • Figure 1. Data analysis flow chart
    • Figure 2. Point of inflection
    • Figure 3. Integrated model to measure brand loyalty in the online booking platform industry
    • Table 1. Descriptive statistics and the origins of the questionnaire items
    • Table 2. Top online booking platforms
    • Table 3. Validity results of factor analysis on individual loyalty antecedents
    • Table 4. The KMO, Bartlett’s test, variance explained, and reliability of the brand loyalty antecedents
    • Table 5. KMO and Bartlett’s test
    • Table 6. Factors, variance explained and reliability coefficients
    • Conceptualization
      Christo Bisschoff, Wehmeyer Joubert
    • Data curation
      Christo Bisschoff, Wehmeyer Joubert
    • Methodology
      Christo Bisschoff, Wehmeyer Joubert
    • Project administration
      Christo Bisschoff
    • Supervision
      Christo Bisschoff
    • Writing – review & editing
      Christo Bisschoff
    • Investigation
      Wehmeyer Joubert
    • Writing – original draft
      Wehmeyer Joubert