Models of TV news layout: Different types of marketing narrative


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The study focuses on identifying and describing the layout models of leading Ukrainian TV channels, which were formed in 2004–2020 in connection with changes in audience demands, transformations of business models, and mastering the latest technologies. The news release is a marketing narrative about current events, mediated by narrators and language as a sign system. This paper aims to emotionally engage viewers and further communicate with them (including the consumption of television commercials). In 2019–2021, a rhetorical analysis of 531 news issues of the previously created sample of TV channels was performed. The semantic, structural, technological regularities and differences in the news layout are revealed. Based on a set of criteria (principles of selection and ranking of topics, methods of presenting information, broadcasting methods), the layout of the sample news is classified. Then a general description of TV news layout models is made. Five narrative models of the leading Ukrainian TV channels are substantiated: 1) hierarchical layout; 2) standard layout; 3) social layout; 4) stress layout; and 5) mixed layout. These models are related to the implementation of marketing tasks. Their understanding allows deepening the understanding of working with the audience, as well as improving news production in the television business.

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    • Table 1. TV channels subjected to rhetorical analysis
    • Table 2. Structural model of hierarchical TV layout
    • Table 3. Structural model of standard TV layout
    • Table 4. Structural model of social television
    • Table 5. Structural model of stress TV layout
    • Table 6. Structural model of mixed TV layout
    • Table A1. Layout of ICTV news program “Fakty” (example of rhetorical analysis of a news release)
    • Conceptualization
      Dmytro Telenkov
    • Data curation
      Dmytro Telenkov
    • Formal Analysis
      Dmytro Telenkov, Tetiana Krainikova
    • Funding acquisition
      Dmytro Telenkov, Tetiana Krainikova, Tetiana Yezhyzhanska
    • Investigation
      Dmytro Telenkov
    • Validation
      Dmytro Telenkov, Tetiana Krainikova, Tetiana Yezhyzhanska
    • Writing – original draft
      Dmytro Telenkov, Tetiana Yezhyzhanska
    • Methodology
      Tetiana Krainikova
    • Project administration
      Tetiana Krainikova
    • Supervision
      Tetiana Krainikova
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      Tetiana Krainikova, Tetiana Yezhyzhanska
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