Online impulse buying on TikTok platform: Evidence from Indonesia


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TikTok Shop boosts TikTok’s huge potential as an e-commerce platform that encourages sellers and buyers to increase the number of transactions. The emergence of this feature encourages the online impulse buying phenomenon on the TikTok platform. This study aims to examine the factors that influence online impulse buying on TikTok in Indonesia through the constructs of brand review, sales promotion, customer satisfaction, religiosity, and brand expectation. This quantitative research uses a questionnaire that is distributed randomly online and collected from 312 respondents in Indonesia. Using structural equation modeling (SEM), data analysis was conducted and hypotheses were examined. The results show that customer satisfaction (β: 0.501) and brand review (β: 0.358) play an important role in increasing brand expectation. At the same time, sales promotion (ρ-value > 0.05) has no impact on brand expectation. This study highlights that religiosity (β: –0.239) and brand expectation (β: –0.510) can reduce online impulse buying behavior. Brand expectation (β: –0.510) is the most dominant variable in reducing online impulse buying behavior on TikTok.

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    • Figure 1. Research model
    • Table 1. Research questions
    • Table 2. Demographic characteristics
    • Table 3. Measurement model
    • Table 4. Reliability test
    • Table 5. Discriminant validity
    • Table 6. SEM results for testing the hypotheses
    • Conceptualization
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika, Alfinna Putri Utami, Afifah Nur Millatina
    • Methodology
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika
    • Software
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika, Alfinna Putri Utami
    • Supervision
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika, Afifah Nur Millatina
    • Validation
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika, Alfinna Putri Utami, Afifah Nur Millatina
    • Writing – original draft
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika, Alfinna Putri Utami
    • Writing – review & editing
      Nur Rizqi Febriandika
    • Investigation
      Alfinna Putri Utami, Afifah Nur Millatina