An analysis of service quality and complaint handling in the Jordanian healthcare sector: Implications for TQM and customer retention


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This study aims to investigate the interconnections among total quality management, service quality, customer retention, and moderating influence of customer complaint handling within the healthcare industry of Jordan. The paper used a quantitative approach, by using PLS-SEM as an approach selected for data analysis. 417 valid replies were gathered. The results found a positive association between total quality management and service quality (p-value < 0.05), underscoring the significance of total quality management principles in improving the provision of healthcare services. The study demonstrates a significant correlation between service quality and customer retention, thereby validating the importance of delivering exceptional healthcare experiences in boosting customer retention. Moreover, it is imperative to acknowledge that the degree of service quality plays a crucial function in facilitating the connection between total quality management and customer retention (p-value < 0.05). Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that customer complaints handling serves as a mechanism for reducing the negative effects of service quality on customer retention. The results offer useful insights for healthcare managers in Jordan, underscoring the significance of integrating total quality management practice, improving service quality, and developing efficient procedures for handling complaints. These approaches are imperative in fortifying customer interactions and augmenting customer retention rates.

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    • Figure 1. Measurement model
    • Figure 2. Structural equation modeling
    • Table 1. Sample demographics
    • Table 2. Measurement model results
    • Table 3. Discriminant validity
    • Table 4. Hypotheses testing
    • Conceptualization
      Khaled M. Aboalganam, Amro Alzghoul
    • Investigation
      Khaled M. Aboalganam, Amro Alzghoul
    • Methodology
      Khaled M. Aboalganam
    • Resources
      Khaled M. Aboalganam, Hasan Alhanatleh
    • Supervision
      Khaled M. Aboalganam, Amro Alzghoul
    • Visualization
      Khaled M. Aboalganam
    • Writing – original draft
      Khaled M. Aboalganam, Amro Alzghoul, Hasan Alhanatleh
    • Project administration
      Amro Alzghoul
    • Validation
      Amro Alzghoul, Hasan Alhanatleh
    • Writing – review & editing
      Amro Alzghoul
    • Data curation
      Hasan Alhanatleh
    • Formal Analysis
      Hasan Alhanatleh
    • Software
      Hasan Alhanatleh