Bibliometric insights into the evolution of digital marketing trends


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This bibliometric analysis aims to delineate the progression of research in the domain of digital marketing by examining 513 English-language articles published in Scopus during the period of 2003–2024. An examination of scholarly productivity indicates an upward trend, as evidenced by the increase in publications from one in 2003 to 115 in 2022 and citations from 79 in 2003 to 1131 in 2021, as determined by keyword, citation, and authorship analyses. A review of citation patterns reveals that publications with significant impact are primarily found in prestigious academic journals, such as Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Research in Marketing. Prominent contributors hail from Jordan, Finland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia; among other regions – the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Keyword analysis revealed an emphasis on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and traditional digital marketing techniques (e.g., social media, content marketing, internet marketing). Co-occurrence theme analysis highlighted digital marketing strategy, digital marketing audiences, the digital transformation of business and marketing, and the acceleration of digital adoption as a result of COVID-19. Further areas of investigation encompass optimizing the utilization of emergent social media platforms, implementing virtual and augmented reality technologies to enhance the customer experience, and capitalizing on the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment the efficacy of digital marketing. By utilizing data-driven insights, this study offers guidance for curricular enhancements, scholarly agendas, and digital marketing practice.

The author thanks everyone who helped make this study possible, but especially those at the Ho Chi Minh University of Banking, Vietnam.

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    • Figure 1. Co-occurrence network of keywords in digital marketing publications
    • Table 1. Citations and publications of digital marketing research
    • Table 2. Twenty most-cited research papers in the domain of digital marketing
    • Table 3. Top 20 journals for digital marketing research in terms of total citations
    • Table 4. Twenty leading scholars in the domain of digital marketing
    • Table 5. Twenty countries with the most citations for digital marketing research output
    • Table 6. Top 20 affiliations for digital marketing research
    • Table 7. Twenty most important keywords for digital marketing research
    • Table 8. Three possible directions for future digital marketing research
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