Formation of the optimal portfolio of insurer’s services of the voluntary types of insurance

  • Published November 18, 2016
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    Volume 7 2016, Issue #1, pp. 45-51
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The article studies the possibility of using optimization modelling to form the optimal structure of insurance services’ portfolio of insurance companies. Based on the data of net insurance payments and profitability of the voluntary types of insurance in 2005-2015, the authors conducted their analysis according to the possibility to be included in the general insurance portfolio of the insurance company. The optimization model is based on the approach developed by G. Markowitz. The formation of insurance services portfolio is conducted by solving the optimization problem to maximize the portfolios’ profitability or to minimize the portfolio’s risks. The obtained results can be used in making strategic decisions by the management regarding the development of insurance companies.

Keywords: insurance company, insurance service, insurance portfolio, portfolio optimization

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