How changing of different factors impacts the quantity of NGOs incomes in Ukraine

  • Published December 15, 2016
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    Volume 13 2016, Issue #4 , pp. 17-26

The aim of the study is to identify the most important factors that influence the funding of Ukrainian NGOs and to determine how managing the changes in these factors can increase the income of NGOs.
The topicality of the research is stipulated by the unsatisfactory state of Ukrainian NGOs and the lack of similar studies in Ukraine. The research was conducted based on the data on the income of Ukrainian NGOs from 2006 to 2013, as well as statistics on macroeconomic indices of Ukraine over the same period. The article provides the research of the impact of indices quantitatively characterizing their activities and indices of GDP according to distribution method on the volume of funding of Ukrainian public organizations.
The authors have revealed that such indices as the number of registered members, the number of companies, institutions and organizations founded and created by the associations of citizens, compensation for hired employees; gross profit and mixed income have the greatest impact on funding. The authors have substantiated that the successful management of these parameters can significantly affect the funding of Ukrainian NGOs: the increase of the “Compensation of employees” parameter and the increase in “Profit and mixed income”, which is one of the priorities of the state, can lead to an almost proportional increase in the income of Ukrainian NGOs. The same result can be achieved by controlling "Number of registered members” parameter. The “Number of companies, institutions and organizations founded and created by the associations of citizens” parameter has the opposite effect on the income of Ukrainian NGOs.

Keywords: NGOs, NGOs incomes, scenario approach, factor analysis.
JEL classification: C61, H41

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