Does stock ownership impact liquidity and dividends?

  • Received April 6, 2018;
    Accepted June 25, 2018;
    Published July 23, 2018
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    Volume 15 2018, Issue #3, pp. 111-121
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This study investigates the interactions among stock ownership, liquidity and dividends in the UK stock market over the period 2002–2016. Using different liquidity measures, it is shown that stocks with higher levels of free float (institutional ownership) are associated with higher (lower) levels of liquidity. In addition, a positive and significant relation is found between institutional ownership and dividend payout policy, which, as a result, highlights the comparative tax advantages that UK institutions have for dividend income. These relations hold even after controlling for firm-specific characteristics. Finally, a negative relation is found between dividends and liquidity, implying that investors with less (more) liquid stocks are more (less) likely to receive dividend payments.

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    • Figure 1. Average free float
    • Figure 2. Average institutional ownership
    • Table 1. Summary statistics
    • Table 2. Impact of ownership on liquidity
    • Table 3. Impact of ownership on dividends
    • Table 4. Dividends and liquidity