The association between Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure and accounting-based financial performance: a Kuwaiti evidence

  • Received July 11, 2018;
    Accepted September 28, 2018;
    Published January 10, 2019
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    Volume 16 2019, Issue #1, pp. 1-13
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The current study aims at extending prior accounting research on the association between Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD) and Corporate Financial Performance (CFP) using a sample of listed firms on Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) from 2011 to 2012. It conducts a regression analysis to investigate the association between CSRD and CFP, as well as investigates the impact of firm size, leverage, and industry affiliation as the key determinants suggested by prior research on the level of CSRD. The results of the present study reveal that both CFP and firm size have significant positive associations with CSRD, whereas, in contrast, firm’s leverage and firm’s industry affiliation show non-significant associations with CSRD.

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    • Table 1. List of some previous CSRD and CFP studies
    • Table 2. Characteristics of the study sample
    • Table 3. Descriptive statistics
    • Table 4. Correlation matrix of variables
    • Table 5. Regression results