Problems and perspectives for attracting investments in economy of Ukraine

  • Received May 2, 2019;
    Accepted May 24, 2019;
    Published June 6, 2019
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    Volume 16 2019, Issue #2, pp. 195-205
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The purpose of the article is to study the current problems of investment processes in the conditions of transformation of the Ukrainian economy. The relevance of the research was due to significant changes in political, economic and social processes of Ukraine. The research was conducted using general scientific and special methods and methods of research, such as theoretical analysis and synthesis, methods of grouping, modeling, comparison, as well as methods of systematization and scientific synthesis, in particular on materials: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, research conducted by the Doing Business Group of the World Bank, rating of Moody’s Investors Service, rating of Global Competitiveness Index 2017/2018 and of European Business Association. The most actual factors of influence of political, economic, criminal and legislative processes on investment potential of Ukraine were analyzed. It was defined that the economic of Ukraine is characterized by the deficiency of capital, progressive technologies, mutual integration of scientific and industrial spheres, developed management and high-tech production and the recommendations to create favorable conditions for investment were made. Positive changes were noted in creating a legal framework for the promotion, protection of investments and intensification of investment activity in Ukraine.

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    • Figure 1. Scheme of influence of foreign investments on different sides of life
    • Figure 2. Changes in real gross domestic product (% in the previous year)
    • Figure 3. Dynamics of volume of direct foreign investments in the economy of Ukraine from January 1, 2010 to December 1, 2017
    • Figure 4. Capital investment and direct investment (share capital in Ukraine as a result of the beginning of 2018)
    • Figure 5. Ukraine in the Doing Business Rating in 2012–2019
    • Figure 6. Investment Attractiveness Index of Ukraine
    • Table 1. The volume of direct foreign investments in the economy of Ukraine
    • Table 2. Direct investments (share capital) from the countries of the world into the Ukrainian economy
    • Table 3. Capital investment by sources of financing for 2010–2017* (UAH million)
    • Table 4. Key indicators of Ukraine in the Doing Business Rating in 2018–2019