Marketing foundation for retail and office center’s tenant mix


The issues of retail and office center structure formation are developed and presented in the existent literature. This article argues that in each case, these issues need to be refined depending on the location, the number of neighborhood and the surrounding streets’ residents, the presence of other shops and services within walking distance, etc. The purpose of this article is to confirm the abovementioned specificity during the marketing research, in order to evaluate the significance of the factors forming the structure of retail and office center for the population and future tenants. A survey of 200 residents and 100 business owners and managers was conducted. The study’s results allow the formulation of a framework of retail and office center, determining the number of tenants, taking into account their preferences, and getting a list of interested tenants. It also shows the way to facilitate optimization of the layout of the center with regards to the requirements of the anchor tenants, high-footfall shops and customers; to develop the best routes to distribute customers across the floors and center’s zones

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