Bibliometric analysis over research on “client satisfaction”


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The objective of this study is to analyze publication’s evolution on the topic of client satisfaction using the Scopus database in the English language for the period 1954-2016. The methodology used in this paper is a literature review conducted on 2753 scientific articles and 156 journals. After establishing 100 top publications topics on client satisfaction, the contributors find that authors used almost the same methods of research and data collection. The main results demonstrate the increase of interest over the theme in different social and economic sciences, as well as in different countries. Important scientific journals also increase the number of publications on client satisfaction. Besides the high interest over this theme in the academia, the international literature reviews are still scarce. The approach, based on the construction of a database using a systematic selection process that was applied to the English language publications on social and economic science areas, is a valid tool that can be applied for literature reviews in all areas within social and economic sciences. To the contributors knowledge, the bibliometric analysis is applied for the first time on client satisfaction, so this is also a novel aspect of the paper to highlight.

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    • Table 1. 100 publications on client satisfaction