How can we improve the effectiveness of HRM strategy? A model for future research

  • Published June 6, 2016
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    Volume 14 2016, Issue #2 (cont. 1), pp. 175-182
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It is unclear what is meant by human resources (HR) practices at various levels: individual (micro); organizational (meso); and general (macro). An important objective of this article is to develop a model for future research into strategic HR management. Problem for discussion is how can organizations maintain their competitive position with the help of strategic HR management? Research questions: 1. How can strategic HR management be understood at different levels? 2. What knowledge base do the authors have for strategic HR management? Method of research – conceptual generalization. Findings: 1. The authors have developed a typology for the different levels (micro, meso and macro) and the various perspectives: behavioral; resource-based; knowledge-based and dynamic capabilities. 2. The authors have developed a research model for future research into strategic HR management, which takes account of the particular level and the knowledge perspective that has been applied. At the same time, the model illustrates examples of HR practices at different levels, HR management results, and organizational performance

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