Factors affecting the economic management efficiency of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine

  • Received March 6, 2017;
    Accepted May 19, 2017;
    Published June 30, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #2 (cont. 1), pp. 204-211
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The paper analyzes the basic mechanisms of forming the system of global production and sale of vegetables. Factors of the impact of international economic integration on the effectiveness of national agrarian sector’s functioning have been listed. Its importance and necessity for a stable economic development of agricultural enterprises have been determined. The paper examines the cooperation between national economies of different countries with the elimination of trade barriers, the convergence of every country’s markets for the purpose of creating a common market. It generalizes and substantiates the relevant directions of regulating the national vegetable market and integrating agricultural enterprises of vegetable growing branch into world vegetable trade turnover.

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    • Table 1. Communications import and gross vegetable production for the years 2010–2016
    • Table 2. Communications export and gross vegetable production for the years 2010–2016