The notion and content of financial system in the context of financial law of Ukraine

  • Received April 13, 2017;
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    Published July 26, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #2 (cont. 1), pp. 234-245
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The financial system of the advanced countries develops according to two basic models – a bank-based system and a market-based system, depending on the level of protection of the rights of owners, investors and lenders. A paradigm shift in functioning of global financial system and financial systems of all countries is based on financial law, which formalizes all financial relations. Reviewing the financial system of Ukraine, the researchers pay a special attention to public finance due to its substantial share in redistribution of Ukraine’s GDP. A comparative analysis of the concept “financial system” makes it possible to draw a certain analogy with the approaches of experts in financial law. From the economic point of view, a country’s financial system includes three key areas – state finance, household finance and corporate finance, which are closely interrelated. Matching these three spheres with the legal approach, state finance is defined as public finance, while household finance and corporate finance are referred as private finance.
The financial market functions as a part of the financial system. In economic terms, the financial system is a dynamic and open environment, while it implies an intense movement of financial resources, a rapid emergence of new financial instruments and integration into the global financial market. From the legal point of view, the financial system is a static financial and legal phenomenon, which includes centralized and decentralized public funds, as well as funds of business entities and individuals.

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    • Figure 1. Dynamic of stock traded, total value, % of GDP
    • Figure 2. The share of public finance in the financial system of Ukraine, % (compiled by the author based on the data of the National Bank of Ukraine, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the National Commission for Regulation of Financial
    • Figure 3. The financial system of Ukraine – harmonization of economic and legal views