The methods of state regulation of sustainable development of agrarian sector in Ukraine

  • Received March 7, 2017;
    Accepted April 26, 2017;
    Published September 4, 2017
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    Volume 15 2017, Issue #2 (cont. 2), pp. 332-343
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In this article the research of theoretical and methodological approaches to ensuring the sustainable development of the agrarian sector within the region based on the methods of state regulation was conducted. Regulatory and legal measures of the agrarian sectors sustainable development within the regions in crisis where conditions have been developed.
The structural scheme of the system of state regulation for pricing of the products in the agrarian sector has been developed. The algorithm for the state regulation of prices for the agrarian market is proposed.
It is proposed to construct of an effective management system of sustainability agrarian sector development of the region to combine all actions of management subjects of agrarian relations by the following elements: state regulation, market self-organization, management of agrarian sector.
Currently the most optimal agrarian sectors of the region have an innovative development scenario in which innovative resources are used, shifting resource-technological equilibrium in the direction of production growth through more efficient use of natural, financial and other resources as an additional source of sustainable development of the regional agrarian systems.
A targeted model of sustainable development of the Vinnitsa region agrarian sector has been developed on the basis of an innovative scenario that envisages achieving this by giving the agrarian sector of the region the main and basic guidelines of development by means of organizational and rational interaction of agroindustrial regional system with the external environment, ensuring its ability to self-development, efficiency of functioning, flexibility and adaptability.

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    • Figure 1. The system of pricing regulation on the products of agrarian sector of the region in order to ensure sustainability of its development
    • Figure 2. State regulation of prices on agricultural market to ensure the sustainability of its development
    • Figure 3. Interaction of management subjects of sustainability of agrarian sector development
    • Figure 4. The target model of sustainable development of agrarian sector of Vinnytsya region